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facebook services

Facebook Pages are the gateway for businesses to market to this holy grail of users. A Facebook Page is a public presence similar to a personal profile, but allows fans to “like” the business, brand, celebrity, cause, or organization.

COPYRIGHT PRETECTION In order to protect our clients content we abdie the following process:
  • Revising the content to make sure it’s 100% original,
  • Uploading the content as a reference in our rights manager with the suitable match policy.
  • Tracking the ugcs videos and submit takedown forms.
  • Solving the conflict and the overlapping
  • Solving and third party claims,
CONTENT MONETIZATION Since Monetization on Facebook was rolled out in some counties in MENA region, we have been working with our clients on activating, maintaining and improving their monetization revenue following the below steps:
  • Review the client page and make sure that it follows the partner monetization policy
  • Link the page to our buisiness manager
  • Check the monetization eligibility and working on an action plan with the clients to activate the monetization.
  • Work in a cintent plan that follows the content monetization policy with detailed KPI’s to increase the revenue.
  • Track all the uploaded content to make sure that it’s suitable for the FB community standards.
CONTENT EDITING Since we can make sure short materials from your content which will allow you to generate more revenue, our team is going to work on:
  • Review the client content.
  • create an upload short and catchy clips to your page
  • Create catchy titles for your videos
  • Activatin the moetization on the short clips.
  • Work on a content plan that follows the content monetization policy with detailed KPI;s to increase the revenue
FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE ConCast will provide financial assistance to help you release better and more content.
  • Help you reach your next level over a long-term partnership model.
  • Shape a strong community of creators, and build advanced expertise in video content.
  • Together, we will identify your financial needs in terms of content production and marketing.
  • We also have flexible advance revenues and recouping models avilable, to show your potential!
STRATEGY AND GROWTH Through our technical and creative expertise, our marketing strategies and our cutting-edge data-driven growth, you brnad will be able to tap into new audience and markets!

Together with your dedicated advisor, we’ll develop strategies and plans tailored to your objective and covering multiple areas:

Content Strategy | Creative & Branding | Audience & Marketing | Thumbnails | Subscriber Growth | Monetization | CPM & Ad Types | Additional Revenue | SEO

CONTETN DISTRIBUTION We are content distribution at heart, and our cutting edge content distribution and creative services will allow your channel, content, brand and revenues to grow significantly!

We work in close partnership with top global video platforms, including YouTube, Google, Facebook, Instagram, DailyMotion, TikTok, Snapchat, etc. Our team is diverse with members coming from all backgrounds (such as copyright management, monetization, audience growth…).

Trust us, you’rein good hands!

CREATIVE SERVICES Our creative teams will work closely with you, and based on your vision, will create a comprehensive branding and artwork strategy.

we’ll take care of you:

  • Your logo design
  • Your artwork desing
  • Customized thumbnail design
TALENT MANAGMENT A dedicated account manager will be constantly supporting you aling the way to coordinate all the operational, strategic and marketing aspect with our teams.

Your account manager will proactively seek for ways to grow your audience, value & revenue.

Our awesome clients