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Youtube services

Youtube boasts more than 3 billion video views per day, making it an excellent place for marketers to find consumers

ConCast is managing more than ( )YT channel throughout our partnership with YT.

COPYRIGHT PRETECTION Privacy refres to the unathorized copying, distribution and selling of content in copyright.

impact of privacy on content producers: Decreases sales of legal copies and causes huge loss of money.

Pirated content can be:

  • Video : Movies, Shows, Tv Shows, Video clips, Courses
  • Audio : Songs, eBooks
  • Books, etc
Channels copyright We know how much your content cost and how it’s difficult for you to see the others steal it, so our copyright team has one priority which is protecting your content from stealing using our YT content ID as follows:
  • Activating the content ID for each video on YouTube to protect the rifghts
  • Set the required match policy for each video so we can claim the pirated content.
    • Bock ” Block the pirated videos and audios automatically
    • monetize: leave the pirated videos as it is but collect the revenue from them
    • Track: Track any stolen video without blocking or monetizing them
    • Take down “Strike” in case you want to threat the person who stole our videos and terminate his channel
  • Revise your uploaded videos to make sure that they don’t contain any copyrights issues.
  • Edit the videos which can contain copyrighted pats
  • Solving the video claim if possible.
Channels optimization because channels and videos optimization is the key to get more video views and to rank your videos and channel in the YT search Digisay follows different strategy fir each video optimization as follows
  • Video Optimization: video titles, tags, description, end screens, and cards.
  • Activate the usage policy and the ads to get revenue from your video views.
  • Create playlist for your content.
  • Create playlist for your content
  • Request manual review for the non monetized videos.
  • Create a subtask thumbnail for your videos.
  • work on the channels optimization:
    • Channel Layout
    • Channel Art
    • About Section
  • share the videos on the community section
  • Create stories design for yyour channel
  • Request the YT buttons
  • Request the channels verification
  • Request a custom URL for each channel.
  • Work on the featured video and the featured channel
  • Work on the featured video and the featured channels to link your channels togethe.

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